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Nice University Hospital is a French public institution and the leading provider of general hospital services for nearly a million and a half people in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region. It provides comprehensive, state-of-the-art services organized around its ambulatory care unit, full or weekly hospitalization, short-stay, post-acute care, rehabilitation and long-term care.

With more than 1,500 beds, 1,000 outpatients treated each day and 7,000 professionals, it is one of the largest health campuses in France.

With strong partnerships with health facilities in the Nice area, Nice University Hospital offers the utmost quality for complex care. Nice University Hospital is committed to excellence in patient care, medical research and innovative approaches and education.

A University Hospital with international partnerships

At an international level, Nice University Hospital participates in several European and global programs with major French university hospitals. Thanks to its advantageous location on the Côte d’Azur, Nice University Hospital benefits from multiple cross-border agreements and has signed international partnerships with more than 20 countries.

We focus our international strategy on training, consultancy and patient care


Nice University Hospital has a major teaching mission, with a highly skilled support team of 650 senior medical doctors, including more than 80 professors. Around 500 residents are completing internship and up to 1500 students are ongoing trainings every year. Therefore, Nice University Hospital offers various training programs for medical and nursing professionals: from a week-long practical course to 2-year fellowship program, all trainings focus on developing the best professional skills and practices. Courses are designed to suit medical and nursing professionals’ needs and provide a unique opportunity for hands-on field experience.

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    Nice University Hospital provides guidance and expertise on organizational matters and optimized structuration of care pathways as well as treatment protocols (ambulatory, fast track…) for both national and international health care providers and institutions.

    International patients

    Nice University Hospital welcomes international patients for specialized medical care. Over 2000 short-stay patients come from abroad each year seeking care at Nice University Hospital.

    More information for foreign patients.

    The Nice University Hospital fund – Aveni

    Support projects that build tomorrow’s health !

    The purpose of Aveni is to implement or support any action of general interest, particularly in the fields of health, innovation, art and culture contributing to the improvement of patient care.

    It participates to the influence, development and attractiveness of Nice University Hospital.

    Aveni is a legal structure whose vocation is to participate in the financing of projects according to three objectives:

    • Medical innovation and research support
    • Improve the reception and well-being of patients and staff
    • Support new investments